Seller Tips, Part 2: Be Prepared…

Posted on March 18, 2015

There are many things that can be surprising to homeowners when they place their home on the market. Here are a few items to expect – it’s always better to know and be prepared!

  1. Be prepared for last-minute showing requests. Agents tend to give broad windows of time for showings, and then there is the occasional showing that goes over time. Never limit showing windows to less than an hour. The more flexible you are with showing time frames, the more likely agents will be to schedule a tour of your house. After all – it’s why you put it on the market! Let them see it – and sell it!
  2. Be prepared for your lights to be on when you come home. It is a common misconception that agents can read your mind. Agents don’t always know if you have another showing after theirs and may leave lights on. Agents are good people, but they aren’t mind readers. If you know that you only have one showing that day, leave a note on the back of the front door. Communication is always helpful!
  3. Be prepared for negative feedback and criticism. When you’ve poured time and effort into making your home shine for showings, it’s hard to read negative feedback that someone doesn’t like your home. Remember that your home doesn’t have to be for everyone – just the one perfect match. If you are getting consistently negative feedback, take a step back and discuss the concerns with your agent. Maybe there are simple things you can do to make your home a show stopper!
  4. Be prepared to counter. When you do receive an offer, it’s important to know your what your bottom line – whether it’s the amount needed to pay off your mortgage or to purchase your next house or both! As a side note, I always encourage my clients to counter even if it’s a really low offer. The longer you can keep a Buyer engaged in the conversation, the more likely you will be to have a ratified contract in hand.

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