Things to Think About for Hurricane Season

Posted on August 22, 2019

It’s that time of year again:  hurricane season! Don’t be one of those homeowners who fails to prepare. Although hurricanes rarely hit Charleston and historically trend towards our neighbors to the north, follow these easy steps to ease the frustration when a hurricane threatens to brush our coast. 

Last year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that 2018’s Hurricane Florence caused over $20 billion in damage nationwide. In South Carolina, private insurers reported over $250 million in paid losses from the hurricane. That’s why experts recommend starting to prepare now, before the threat of a major storm is looming in the Atlantic. 

Work On Necessary Repairs Now

If given enough advance warning, most contractors can get roofs, windows, or siding prepared for bad weather. Having available plywood is helpful, too. Before a storm, make sure you have enough plywood that is sized correctly for your windows, especially those that are more vulnerable than others. 

Evaluate Your Homeowners Insurance Policy 

Take the time to make sure your homeowners insurance policy covers specific items and damages to your home. The last thing you’ll want is to speak with your insurance company after a hurricane, only to learn that certain damage isn’t covered and certain valuables cannot be replaced. 

Use Sandbags with Care and Evaluate

When prepping your sandbags for this year’s hurricane season, make sure that any existing sandbags from previous years are in good condition. If they’re damaged, broken, or have lost sand, you can easily fill new sandbags at various tool and garden stores in the area. It’s certainly helpful to have them now in case of an emergency. There’s nothing worse than going to the store to find them sold out! Locations around Charleston will offer free sandbags during a hurricane threat but they tend to run out quickly so head out and fill your bags early!

Make a Plan for Evaluating Damage After the Storm 

After the storm passes, you’ll want to make sure that you safely assess any damage to your home. Be sure to stay away from downed power lines and steer clear of standing water. 

2019 Hurricane Forecast 

As we move into the more active portion of hurricane season for Charleston, what can we expect this year?  The NOAA say conditions are more favorable for above-normal hurricane activity since El Nino has now ended. Two named storms have formed so far this season and the peak months, August through October, are now underway. 

The updated 2019 Atlantic hurricane season probability and numbers of named storms.
The 2019 Atlantic tropical cyclone names selected by the World Meteorological Organization.

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