7 Things to Do Before Closing

Posted on August 15, 2019

Let’s be honest, between negotiations, paperwork, inspections, and number crunching, it’s easy to get weighed down in the home buying process. It’s incredibly important for the little things to not be pushed to the wayside during the home buying process. Make sure you tackle these to-do’s before closing on your new home. 

Book the Movers

Once you have the final closing date by your closing attorney, book your movers! Because Charleston is always busy for real estate, you’ll want to book your chosen company before their calendar fills up for the month. If you’re planning on doing the moving yourself, make sure you’ve booked a rental truck and any additional equipment, like a hand truck, for moving day. 

Call the Locksmith 

You’ve got the keys to your new place, hooray! There’s no better feeling than having those keys to unlock the door to your new home for the first time. But, you’ll definitely want to consider calling a locksmith and replacing the locks since there are sure to be others floating around. This is also an opportune time to explore keyless access, smart technology doorbells, and more if you’re thinking about creating a smart home. 

Switch the Utilities Over

You definitely don’t want to spend the first night in your new home without power, water, or Internet service! Depending on your local utility service, you’ll want to make sure that you properly alert them to your new address at least one week prior to moving into your new home. 

Book Your Contractor

Planning to renovate a room as soon as you close? Start interviewing contractors now so you can make appointments with your agent before closing. The home inspection appointment is a great time to meet with contractors, interior designers, and other vendors. It’s a time to bond with the home and start strategizing how to knock out some of those major to-do’s on your list. That way, you can immediately implement your plan your home as soon as the papers are signed. 

Call the Painter

You may not be considering doing major work on your new home, but everyone always wants to change the paint! Book your painter a few weeks in advance, that way they can paint without any furniture in the house, making the job easier and faster. 

Transfer Home Services

Do you hire out a cleaning or landscaping service? Make sure you alert them to your new address so they don’t show up at your previous home! Take time to make a personal call to each one of your personal home service providers to make sure they have your new address. 

Clear Your Calendar 

Moving always takes longer than anticipated but closing day is not something to take lightly. Ensure your day is free of meetings, important calls, and let your coworkers know that you may not be easily available. And, most importantly, make sure your phone is charged so you don’t miss any important calls and messages from movers, painters, and anyone else helping you move!

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