What to do Before the Movers Arrive

Posted on September 5, 2019

Working with professional movers is certainly one way to make moving less stressful and less of a headache! But that doesn’t mean that you can flee your home for a few hours while they work! You still need to prep the house for a moving company before they arrive to pack and move all your belongings to your new house. Below are three easy steps you can do to help make your day (and your mover’s day) easier.

Protect Your Floors

To help avoid damage to the house, and upsetting the new homeowners, you must protect your floors. Make sure that you place either drop cloths or plastic on surfaces, or let the movers know what flooring you have, so that your floors remain scratch free. The last thing you want is an upset buyer!

Make a Clear Path 

Make the mover’s job easier on moving day by planning ahead and making a clear path by removing any potential obstacles. For example, consider the parking situation outside your home. Where can the movers leave their truck when packing up? Should you move your car to the street so they have a clean and clear driveway? Ensure that the driveway, garage, and front door are clear of any debris and large pieces of furniture so that their job is easier.

Be Available 

Although you don’t need to hover over the movers, you will want to be available for any questions that may pop up during the process. Alert the movers to anything special they should know that could impact how they move your furniture and boxes.

Moving day can be stressful but by making time for these three steps, it’ll make everyone’s day a little easier and will reduce stress for all.

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