Why Professional Photos Matter in Real Estate

Posted on August 29, 2019

Everyone understands the need for a professional photographer for a wedding, but what about when listing a home? Is it really necessary to pay a professional to take photos of your home? Why isn’t a phone camera good enough to take a few photos and put them online? Trust us, having a professional take photos of your home is one of the leading ways to effectively and quickly sell your home! 

To sell a home in today’s online age, you’ve got to do some serious marketing. It’s no longer acceptable for an agent to make a few calls, hold a few open houses, and wish for a qualified buyer to make an offer on your home. Today’s buyers are savvy and are searching for their home online before ever setting foot in a home, or even reaching out to an agent. They scroll through photo after photo until they find a home they like. One of the quickest ways to attract your buyer and stop them from mindlessly scrolling is by having stellar photography. 

Architectural Photography 

So what exactly is real estate photography? Known as architectural photography, these photos not only focus on the house and its rooms, but focus on key selling points such as unique details, outdoor living spaces, and upgrades. 

What Will the Photographers Do?

While real estate photographers can also use Photoshop to virtually stage a vacant home with furniture, remove stains from carpets, and change paint colors, the photographer will typically photograph the house the way it is. Real estate photographers know how to perfectly capture your home in the best lighting and take it at just the right angle to show off its best features. 

As part of the process to prepare your home for photography, your agent may utilize a stager to help reconfigure furniture to make a room look bigger, remove certain items, and help clear spaces so the home is presented well in photos.

Still not convinced? A recent study by PR Newswire shows that homes with professional photos for a listing sold on average 36% faster than other homes. The average homes were 89 days on the market, compared to 123 days on other listings. 

Good v Bad Photography 

It’s simple to tell bad photography from good. Here are a few indicators: 

The Equipment

A good photographer will have more than just your standard point and click camera. They should have a full frame camera that is able to capture wide-angles of a room or exterior. 

Tiny Spaces

A good real estate photographer will be able to take photos of small spaces with ease. Bad photography will divide tiny spaces, like powder rooms, into multiple photos. 

Potential buyers love exploring laundry rooms, powder rooms, and other tiny spaces to compare. If these spaces are split into multiple rooms, it can make it difficult for them to visualize the house as a whole. 

Exterior Photos 

These can be some of the hardest photos to capture. When it’s you versus nature, anything can happen! But a good real estate photographer can make even the most overcast days look great. 

Interior Photos

Great real estate photos make the most out of natural light especially in the most viewed rooms: the kitchen, master bed and bath, and living room. Bad photography will only capture tired photos of these rooms and the photos will be faded or filled with shadows. A good photographer uses multiple exposures to bring the outdoors in, allowing potential buyers to see the view from inside the home. 

So is it All Worth it? 

Absolutely, yes! If you’re serious about selling your home efficiently and quickly, investing in quality real estate photography is a must! Professional real estate photographers know what angles and rooms to photograph in order to really sell your home. So when you’re deciding on selling your home, we highly encourage using a professional real estate photographer to capture it! 

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